Public Arts Commission (PAC)



  • 7:00 p.m.
  • 2nd Monday of every other month
  • Palos Heights Public Library
    12501 S. 71st Avenue
    Palos Heights, IL 60463


The PAC consists of five or more members appointed by the Mayor:

  • Maria DeCaprio-Sunta
  • Lynda Schiappa
  • Vanessa Sunta
  • Kathleen Peters
  • Sue DeKoker
  • Tara Oosterbaan


The Public Arts Commission implements a city-wide plan for the thoughtful placement of public art which includes, but not limited to, sculpture, murals, and paintings. The commission works in conjunction with the comprehensive city plan to improve the business climate and aesthetic appeal of the city.


The duties of the Public Arts Commission (PAC) are as follows:

  • PAC works to create a Mission Statement.
  • PAC recommends guidelines for the selection of public art and sites based on preservation, enhancement, embellishment and commemoration of the historic, cultural, development and architectural characteristics of the City and its people.
  • The commission reports to the Buildings and Grounds Committee on the sustainability of locations for public art, as well as present proposals for public arts projects and/or programs. All projects and programs must have final approval from the City Council.
  • The commission shall determine the costs of artistic acquisitions and projects, as well as recommend funding options for lease or purchase of said public art. A budget plan must be prepared for the fiscal period January 1 through December 31 annually.
  • The commission may partner with and/or promote educational outreach programs to benefit residents of all ages.
  • The PAC is authorized to seek public and private funding assistance for the acquisition and maintenance of programs and works of art.
  • The PAC shall keep an inventory of all pieces of public art and provide an annual report to the City regarding its activities and plans.
  • The PAC oversees the ART GARDEN at 72nd and 123rd Street. A peaceful gathering space to appreciate sculpture and nature in our City. 

Additional Information

For additional information email the Public Arts Commission.