Open a Business


Thank you for your interest in opening a business in the City of Palos Heights.  If you have any further questions please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 708-480-3003.


The business license application package can be found here.


Check the  Zoning Code in order to make sure your business is permitted on the parcel or within the building. The city's two basic commercial zoning classifications are B Business and B-1 Restricted Business. Definitions of permitted uses are contained within the code of each commercial district. Another commercial district is located along Harlem Avenue and is known as the Harlem Avenue Overlay District, which may may allow for administrative approval a select list of "Limited" uses.

Need Any Other Permits? 

In opening your business, you will likely be performing some type of build-out, including electrical or plumbing work, erecting signage, putting up walls, demolition, and more. Performing this type of work requires that proper permits be obtained. Work should only be performed by contractors that are licensed with the Palos Heights Building Department. If you have any questions in regards to the permitting process or if you would like a list of licensed contractors, please contact our Building Department at 708-361-1804.

Promote Your Business 

Congratulations! Now that you're officially open for business, let people know about it! Palos Heights businesses can often get some free press and promotion from local news outlets such as: