Silent Witness

About the Silent Witness Program

The Silent Witness program provides an easy means for members of the community to report information without directly speaking with an officer. 

The Silent Witness Line does not use Caller ID and, although we would prefer that you leave your name and contact information, the program is designed so that you may leave information anonymously.  It is important to note that case law has repeatedly recognized that anonymous information is not considered as credible as information provided by someone who is identifiable, so if you are willing to leave contact information, it may help any resulting investigation.

Please note that the Silent Witness Line is not a monitored line and is checked periodically for messages.  Always call 911 for emergencies and the department's non-emergency number (708-448-5060) for other police-related services.

Contact the Silent Witness Program

If you would like to share information with us, please call the Silent Witness line at 708-671-3292.