Our enhanced and unique preschool curriculum promotes a strong academic foundation, superior social skills, and healthy lifestyle skills. We encourage creative expression thru dance, singing, art, yoga, daily aerobics, and even sign language. Your child will receive the personal support and attention necessary to build trust and confidence, and as a parent you’ll be part of the home-school learning connection we foster in order to continually develop your child’s skills. Most importantly, Little Learners is a caring and nurturing preschool where experienced instructors are committed to making your child feel special.

3-4 yr old goals:

First name recognition (upper case)

Pencil/scissor grip

A-Z uppercase letter recognition

Tracing and/or independently writing first name

1-10 number recognition

Basic colors and shapes

A strong emphasis on social skills and creative expression

4-5 yr old goals:

First and last name recognition/writing (lower case) and phone number

Recognizing and writing alphabet in upper and lower case

Rote counting to 100

Recognizing words and writing numbers 1-10

Money and values to $100

Basic colors and shapes along with word recognition

Rhyming, opposites, color blends, location, distance, patterns

A strong emphasis on social skills and creative expression

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