Power Play Before & After School Program.

Power Play Before & After School Program is perfect for families who need extended care before & after the regular school hours. Students participate in a wide variety of activities including homework assistance structured games, arts and crafts and social interaction with other children. Staff is always on hand to supervise, lead actives and assist with homework. Power Play is offered through the Palos Heights Parks and Recreation Department and is partnered with School District 128.  

Power Play Before & After School Program is held at Chippewa School and is open to all District 128 students from morning & afternoon pre-school to 5th grade. Buses will transport students to and from Navajo and Indian Hills Schools. The program will also be available on early dismissal days but will not run on no-school days. The program runs the entire school year Monday-Friday.

Before School Care (7:00-8:30 am)

Age: Morning Preschool-5th grade

Day: M-F

Fee: Monthly $95/*Daily $10

After School Care (3:00-6:00 pm)

Age: Afternoon Preschool-5th grade

Day: M-F

Fee: Monthly $170/*Daily $15

*Monthly fees will be automatically deducted via Electronic Funds Transfer

*Sign up by Thursday of the week prior to attend for Daily Registration


Summer Camp

Kiddie Camps

Under the gentle guidance of experienced counselors, preschoolers will have an exciting summer of Stay In Place Travel at the Recreation Center.  Have your little ones “travel” to Candy Land, Oz, or maybe even under the sea with Nemo! Along the way, new friendships will be made and lots of giggles and grins will be exchanged. Each camp day (rain or shine) will be a separate stop on our travel route with our locales being created through the use of music, crafts, games and a variety of activities. Campers should bring a light snack and beverage to camp each day.  Play clothes and sneakers only are required. For safety reasons, no jellies, crocks or any sandal-type footwear permitted. Calendars with themes and special adventures will be ready for viewing at time of registration.

Day Camp

1st through 6th graders will have their own choice of vacation destinations to travel to this summer. On site “travel” will include creative and fun stops, making plenty of great memories. Our goal is to treat each camp day as a new experience.  Children will be using crafts, games, music, food, weekly special adventures and a variety of activities and experiences, so that everyone has a memorable summer in a safe and bully-free environment. All full day participants should bring a sack lunch and drink to camp each day. Calendars with themes and special adventures will be ready for viewing at the time of registration.

Sports Camp

It’s all balls, nets, courts and sportsmanship during this special offering for sports fanatics and active children! Each week a different sport will be highlighted with children learning drills and skills and participating in scrimmage games. Everyone will also learn about good sportsmanship and teamwork. Thrown into the mix will be a variety of games and activities to keep the days moving at a high energy pace so that everyone has a memorable summer in a safe and bully-free environment! If your child loves sports or has a lot of energy to put towards sports, then this is the camp for them! All full day participants should bring a sack lunch and drink to camp each day. To insure timely arrival of tee-shirts please remember to give shirt size at time of registration!

Before & After Care

Before Camp Care - For Day & Sports Campers

As a service to those parents whose 1st through 6th grade children are registered for one of our Summer or Sport Camp programs and need care either before or after regular camp hours. Children will participate in loosely structured activities under the watchful eye of staff. Options listed below are for families needing care every day or just a few times during the session.


A Star to Be Dance Company has been created to bring a well-rounded and affordable dance program to the Palos Heights Community. The program was made to meet the needs of all from beginners to experience dancers. We even have classes for parents and their child to do together!

When a child embarks on the path of being a dancer, it is important that dance first be fun and enjoyable. From this begins a love, and from this love a passion. Here is when a child commits to instruction in order to feed their passion. This passion will enable a dancer to achieve their dreams of being the star they were meant to be.

We offer dance classes year round with a recital in the Winter/Spring Session.

CLASS ATTIRE is ballet, jazz or tap shoes depending on which class you are registered for. Leotard and tights and/or bike shorts and t-shirt are recommended.


Early Childhood Programs

The Palos Heights Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of specially programs year round. All of our Early Childhood classes are designed to provide learning, socializing and of course a fun and exciting experience. Our classes also help children gain new skills, independence. We offer a variety of classes to provide many opportunities to try out new programs.

Me Too Play Camp
Ages 2 ½-3 years

Now little brother and sister can follow in their older siblings’ footsteps. We are planning lots of exciting adventures for our youngest campers’ first day camp experience. This playgroup is a great introduction to the Recreation Department and our early childhood programs. Led by one of our early childhood instructors, the camp will focus on socialization and independence through songs, simple crafts and group activities.  If your little one has never been in a structured setting without a parent or is still hesitant about being on their own, this camp program is for them.  Registration deadline is one week prior to the start of class.

Hands on Science!!!
Ages 4-5 years

This program is a great way to get your child to learn all about science! Hands on Science provide a fun yet educational science class! It will help children explore a number of interesting science concepts and experiments! So get those safety goggles ready and get excited about SCIENCE!

Environmental Tots!
Ages 3-4 years

This class is all about the environment. Tots will get their hands dirty and learn about what lives in the world around us. They will learn about bugs and other animals, examine things under microscopes and build things from recycled materials that aide the environment such as bird feeders or small pots for plants.

My First Sports Class!
Ages 2-3 years

This class will introduce children to an athletic style class.  This class will focus on throwing, catching and gross motor skills as well as playing some traditional sports like kickball, soccer, and baseball.

Little Artists
Ages 3-4 years

Painting with pudding and shaving cream are just two of the crazy activities in this art camp in which creativity and messiness go hand-in-hand! Your youngster will have an opportunity to work with a variety of art media as an assortment of seasonal projects, as well as those of the adventurous sort will be completed on a daily basis. Children should wear their “get messy” clothes or bring a paint smock to class.

Story Book Cooking and Crafting
Ages 3-5 years

Stories, food, and making creative crafts come together in this class that combines great books such as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Green Eggs and Ham. The instructor will begin every class by reading a different story and then let the creativity begin with creating treats as well as making creative crafts to go along with the story.  The registration deadline is one week before the start of the session.

Tot Tales
Ages 4-5 years

Calling all future actors and actresses! Does your child love to pretend to be their favorite superhero or princess?  With this fun and interactive class we will bring popular children’s' stories and characters to life playing theater games, arts and crafts and short skits and scenes.

Tiny Two’s
Age 2 years

This program gets your child moving to fun and easy dance music. No experience is needed! The tiny twos will get they feet moving and do different dance activities.  A parent may stay if they would like. Comfortable colothing and socks are required.

Ages 2 ½ - 3 years

This calls will introduce your child to different orgaized games such as hot potato, duck duck goose, musical chaors, freeze dance and much much more! This class will keep your child active, involved and entertained the entire class! 

Crayons, Music, and Toys, Oh My!
Ages 2-3 years

Children will enjoy supervised playtime and activities such as listening to music, dancing, singing, coloring a picture with crayons or listening to a story.

Alphabet Academy
Ages 3-5

Learn the alphabet through sight and sound. Activities such as cutting, gluing, painting and printing the alphabet are all encouraged to promote creativity and fine motor skills. Your child will enjoy the alphabet stories and songs. Sing-along is encouraged! 

Master Chef Juniors
 Ages 5-7 and Ages 8-10

This class teaches children simple recipes so they can help Mom or Dad in the kitchen. Kitchen safety tips will be taught along with basic kitchen tools. Children will take home their own recipe book filled with their delicious experiments that they made in class. The best part-Kids get to eat their delicious creations! 



Adult Programs

The Palos Heights Parks and Recreation Department has many different programs for adults and seniors. We offer lots of opportunities for adults to try new classes to gain new skills or a new hobby, travel to a new location, or meet some new friends. We offer a wide variety of trips, bridge classes, watercolor, ballroom dance, tap and ballet,  and even classes for you and your dog.


Our Little Learners preschool program is a place where learning is fun by incorporating it into music, movement and exercise. Our unique ‘Color Me Healthy’ program promotes exercise and healthy eating! We inspire the children to use their own creative expression through art, dance and conversation during circle time. Our teacher works closely with parents to ensure each and every child benefits fully from our unique program

3-4 yr old goals:

 First name recognition (upper case)

Pencil/scissor grip

A-Z uppercase letter recognition

Tracing and/or independently writing first name

1-10 number recognition

Basic colors and shapes

A strong emphasis on social skills and creative expression

 4-5 yr old goals:

 First and last name recognition/writing (lower case) and phone number

Recognizing and writing alphabet in upper and lower case

rote counting to 100

Recognizing words and writing numbers 1-10

Money and values to $100

Basic colors and shapes along with word recognition

Rhyming, opposites, color blends, location, distance, patterns

A strong emphasis on social skills and creative expression

Fine Arts

Palos Heights Parks and Recreation Department offers programs many different Fine Art Programs. We offer children the opportunity to try new interments or a new language, create an artistic master piece or even become the next fashion designer. These programs are offered for all ages.

Piano Lessons

Have you or your child been toying with the idea of tickling the ivories? These private lessons are geared towards those with beginner to intermediate skills. Piano is available on site.  Progressive private lessons are 30 minutes long with an experienced instructor. Slots assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Adults are welcome to learn too. Class Instructed by Kevin Wood.

Guitar Lessons

Whether you aspire to be a rock star or just want to play your favorite songs, guitar lessons are the way to go.  These lessons are for beginners to advanced players, acoustic or electric, and may include all styles including rock, blues, jazz, country, classical and more.  Instructor will structure progressive lessons based on students' individual needs and interests.  Student must provide instrument.  Time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Basic guitar fundamentals such as how to read music, basic chords and scales, and proper guitar maintenance will be covered.  Adults are welcome to learn too. Instructed by Kevin Branigan.


Art Classes With Dave Barista

Let your creative energy run wild in the many different art classes offered at Palos Heights Parks and Recreation Department. Explore different art styles and create your own original works of art. Students will be exposed to different themes, art-making tools, and creative strategies.   If you love art and want to learn more about painting, drawing, comics, pop, abstract, and environmental art, and then these are the classes for you where you will learn and have creative fun!

Mandarin Chinese Classes

Your child can experience a course in the language of Chinese with experienced teachers. During this class, students will become aware of a different culture and learn the language through text, book, songs and games. This is an opportunity for your child to become bilingual at a young age in a language that is quickly becoming popular all over the world. Registration deadline is one week prior to the start of class.

The Next Fashionista

Are you The Next Fashionista? If so, grab your sketchbook, sewing kit and let’s “design” one of kind pieces that will take Seven Avenue by storm. The Next Fashionista! Fashion design program is for aspiring designers who wish to explore all the elements of the design process, from sketch to finish. Students will learn a variety of designing and hand sewing techniques. These aspiring designers will make a custom designed t-shirt, innovative hand bag, stylish hair accessory, and more. They will develop a keen understanding of what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry. Expand your creativity! A list of required supplies will be available at time of registration.  Instructor Mary Lashea has a B.S in Fashion Merchandising. She is a driven fashion designer who has great vision and technical skills to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion.  Her mission is to empower, entertain, and educate the now generation through fashion.

Special Events

Palos Heights Parks and Recreation Department holds a variety of Special Events throughout the year that provides thrilling recreational opportunities for all ages! Everything from eating pancakes with Santa or the Easter Bunny, The Chocolate Chase Rabbit Race, a garage sale just for kids, The Great American Backyard Family Campout, Waddles Wacky Regatta, Kite Flying, Cinderella Ball, and much more. Our events promote community participation and are entertaining for all!

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